How to Become MY perfect slave
Here is MY structured process for beginners

STEP 3- DOWNLOAD Pleasure is truth remix here

STEP  4- order recordings and begin brainwashing 

Have your mp3 player handy, you will train day and night. All recordings will be on your mp3 player and you will listen while you sleep.

week 1-"delete the past" to remove previous triggers download "need master" to find your true place as MY slave
midweek add-subconcious mind control and Transition

week 2 -purchase  a membership to join MY private site and add FREE HYPNO-TRAINING Recordings there to your training regimen (files on private site include Tethers, Fix,MY Binding Spell, The Mask) Familiarize and educate your slave self with the Religion of ME, learn MY mantras, pray to ME
midweek- slave task "CUM machine"

week3- add Obey your Queen and  and listen EVERY day
midweek-stroke till it bleeds listening to cum for me, delight and trancegasm

week 4- add mindless slave and visit my wish list HERE
midweek - slave task "fire and ice"

week 5- relax and obey me and buy membership to hypnoticslave
midweek - play the slave game

week 6- My vault - Tribute Time!
midweek- Brainwashed Cock

week 7- rewired 
midweek-Sensual Subjugation and slave task "banana split"

week 8- spiral bound and visit my wish list HERE
midweek- pleasure paradise AND slave task "tease and deny with food"

week 9- progressive submission
midweek- pastlife slave

week10- Tribute cock -Tribute Time!
midweek- Horny Foot Slut

week 11- inner voice
midweek- mind milk

week 12- cock control and visit my wish list HERE
midweek- meet me at my temple

week 13- a slave’s dreamworld
midweek- subconscious slave and brain surgery

week 14- Pleasure is truth -Tribute Time!
midweek- slave to my voice and slave obedience (looped)

week15- slave task "girlomatic"

week 16- addicted to my voice and visit my wish list HERE
midweek- hypno-panties brainwash combo

week 17Cum Constriction
midweekTiny Slave

week 18- Virtual Lobotomy Experiment -Tribute Time!
midweek- hypnotized lottery slave

week 19- all mine now
midweek- Kidnapped( full version) Complete

week 20- My Dungeon 1 and MY Dungeon II
midweek- Horny Plaything
week 21- Evil voodoo and visit my wish list HERE
midweek- masked submissive demon
week 22- MY sensual web
midweek- imprisoned by my voice
week 23locks of submission
midweek- slave task "cum shake"

week 24- master lock
midweek-  slave task " peppermint asshole"

week 25-foot worship ritual
midweek-Tribute Time!

week 25- day with queen
midweek- slave task" packaged meat"

week 26- slave task-"pleasure of pain"

week 27 " hit the target game"
Optional Recordings:
No Escape
Gay for a Day
Trancegender2 hypnoboobies
Prositution and toilet Slavery

********  other recordings not listed may be ordered at any time to accelerate your slave training process *********