Feedback from MY Happy MindFucked Slaves
Slave #1
My Queen, You remain the most powerful Hypnotist Dominatrix in this solar system. Your recordings  are heaven on earth to a slave like me. I adore and obey You now and forever.

Slave #2

my Owner and GOD

i am weak . This file  has overloaded all parts of me, it  has left me worshipping You, begging You, wanting You, dreaming of You and totally owned. i need more and more of Your control until all of me is just Your mindless obedient worshipping pet. Until slave is all that GOD wishes slave to be. i am so blank and happy my Owner. Thank You for taking me like this and helping me see who i was meant to be.

Slave #3

my Queen my GOD i have listened to Tethers over and over tonight and the trance You create for me is so divine and so very very deep the file has no sense of time and creates such deep relaxation i want another full day to keep listening. Trance is so desirable. You are so gifted with this ability i love hypnosis and trance more than i can describe to You. i go so far away. Thank You.

Slave #4

slave is very submissive and weaker again tonight Controller. slave is surrendering and open to more and more brainwashing. slave feels love and need to be controlled and used. slave's mind focuses on his GOD's words.  Control makes slave aroused and obedient and very needy. slave arranged to be able to tribute without resistance. slave is losing his identity.

Slave #5
Thank You, Queen. i'm rocked by how easily You're taking me down. Feels so good to be prey

Slave #6
Queen. May i listen to Slave Game now? So aroused just even asking. feels so taboo..... then the thoughts. . .POOF! gigggle, giggle.

Slave #7
i am slave. i just bought another recording, Slave Game, It's hard to resist.

Slave #8
i can't resist YOU in any way. i know this sounds crazy but i need to listen to every recording that YOU have made. i am addicted, i break out in sweats waiting for a new recording from YOU my Queen Master. i need to serve YOU completely. YOU are my life, my religion my purpose. i am dead without YOU. YOUR scent is my drug, i want to overdose on YOU my HYPNOQUEEN!

Slave #9
HypnoQueen please let me serve at Your magnificently sexy feet. Up until yesterday i was a Dominant, a hard core Master. I have freed my slaves as i can no longer live this lie, i listened to Your recordings and i belong to You now. i am slave, YOU are my owner. i would die for You. i will do anything, and i mean anything. oh my god You are powerful!

Slave #10
Another day, another listen to Need Master. In fact the first thing I did, just needed to hear Your voice again. Sank deeper and deeper into trance enjoying the pleasure gained by listening to You. Straight afterwards I had a little search for some images of You, found some lovely ones of Your eyes and such beautiful lips. Even as I write this as my mind turns to You I slip into a trance-like state for a while. The words of the trance slip in and out of my conscious mind. Waves of intense need for You relieved for a while by thinking about You and writing this. Thoughts of devotion arousing me, thoughts of being worthless without You , thoughts of needing Your control. All these thoughts and unable to concentrate or focus on any one. So far being able to ride the waves as they recede leaving me not quite the same as before. Different but in an unidentifiable way. What a fascinating journey into slavery, wondering at what point I might slip into it.

Slave #11
There is something about your voice, how it exudes confidence and trust with a sensual edge. You are very warm and pleasant to listen to. I believe it would be very easy to become captivated and ensnared by your voice.

Slave loves obey your queen, which is to be experienced each day. Your voice is exceptionally close and clear in that session. Slave loves the tickle your voice makes in slave's ears and wants to be tickled all the time.

 slave has found that QUEEN’s hypnotic voice has become so welcome in slave’s mind. slave loves how weak slave becomes for QUEEN’s voice. QUEEN knows just what to say to slave to make slave crave to submit and obey. QUEEN’s suggestions continue to become more a part of slave as each day goes by. slave wants to please QUEEN by giving in, letting go and helping QUEEN cement her control by falling
 ever more deeply into her hypnotic spell. 
Slave #14
Dear Queen,
 i have listen to You all night, and i think about You all time. Your voice is the Most Thing i have known in all my life, Your are my reason of being.
i'm so weak, so helpless, i need You so badly, You are all for me.
i want so much to become each day and night more and more submissive and obedient to You, my Owner.

Slave #15
My Ruler,
The time spent prior to listening to Your recordings is but a faint glimmer in my memories now. I cannot remember a time before You were the center of my life. You are my everything and I will serve You for the rest of my days. I can't put it into words to dignify the power, control and spell that You have me under. My worthless life and soul are Yours Goddess.

 Slave #16
 I have followed Queen for quite some time. i find Her voice and manner irresistible and the trance depths i reach with Her files are stunning. i trance easily and deeply and over time i have found Her brainwashing techniques are very effective when applied regularly and repeatedly.  i still can’t verbalize very well, but somehow She became even more powerful and irresistible than ever before. Now i have just let myself go deeper and deeper and all i want is to serve and obey. my obedience to Her is critical to me and the files are leaving me weaker and blanker than ever before. i think I reached a point i have not reached before in submission and hypnosis and it is simply amazing and wonderful. When i serve i feel better than at any other time and my desire to obey and serve is strong all the time. i understand the word Master from Her training and i have felt Her as my Master before, but now i am so totally embracing the joy that brings to me.