Funny Feedback from MY MindFucked slaves

Here are a few of MY favorite reviews..Real or not they still make ME laugh - send ME some to show your sense of humor
Fuck all that expensive exercise equipment! Thanks to QUEEN'S "mindless stroker program" i have biceps the size of miniature ponies! -- madstrokerpuppet
thanks to QUEEN'S panties i have lost 20 pounds. just one for breakfast, one for lunch and a small meal. I am more active and happier. I now have the energy to work double the overtime to buy and buy some more for my loving QUEEN!--QUEEN 'S stalker
I beat it till it bleeds, then cum back for more! so hard to type with one hand, but my carpel tunnel is all gone!--one armed bandit
UHHHHHH-- mindless puppet
QUEEN'S voice melts my mind like a creamsicle in my ass on a warm summer's day with the gentle breeze taking me away!-- strokedick magazine
Thanks to QUEEN i no longer need my expensive car or any furniture, I  am so content-- slave
Cock is good for my ass and for my mouth--lusttramp
  "Just say NO to DICKFRO" -- Shaved slut
 thank you for the ketchup packets for dinner-cumcuzzlerslutpuppetpigmonsterslaveslut
my back feels so much better sleeping on the floor instead of having a real bed, i save on chiropractor co pays now and that money is all for you--zombieassfucker